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Pure Lighting

Pure Lights - LED Strip Lights

Pure Lights - LED Strip Lights

Pure Lighting

Pure Lights - LED Strip Lights

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These LED's will transform

your room!

These LED Strip lights can modernise any room in your home, workspace or shop! It is super simple to install these lights. They use a very small amount of power to run. Loads of colours you can choose from to pick the perfect vibe for you. Just by a tap of a button.


Why Do I Need These LED Strips?

Well we know you need these led strip lights! These LED lights can completely transform ANY room
Say you're having a party, well then put on the disco setting feature.
Say you're spending a romantic night with a loved one watching a film, perfect make the room a warm red colour.
 Having trouble sleeping? Well then just change the room to the colour blue, relieving stress helping you sleep! 
These LED's are also very popular with social media. From Tik Tok stars to Instagram Influences loving these lights. "These lights are such a mood, i love them"

Where Can I Put Them?

There is a wide range of places you can put these LED lights! The tape on the back of the strip is super strong tape that can stick to the majority of most surfaces. 

Bedroom? - Want to make your whole room a mood then simply just put them on the walls of the room. Your Tik Toks and Instagram post will look 😍.

Have a Desk? - Just stick them behind or under the desk unit and they shine without you even seeing the strip itself. Looks very smart for you gamer enthusiasts!

Living Room? - These strips will completely transform your front room by applying these lights behind the TV. These lights look VERY smart anywhere behind the TV.

Kitchen? - Completely modernise the kitchen with just these lights! Just stick them under the units and it will have transformed your kitchen. 

Have a Restaurant? - These LED's will look incredible anywhere in your restaurant! You could put the under the bar or anywhere that looks smart. Match the vibe of the restaurant and brighten the atmosphere. 


Strong double-sided tape installation, just peel them off and stick to clean, dry and flat surface, super-stick anti-slip, Can be cut every 3 LED's along the cutting marks. Just take a look below how simple it is! 

Yes! The strip lights  can be cut. Say if the strips light are slightly too long you can simply just snip where indicated on the image above and remove that piece of strip light. 



  • Non-waterproof
  • Low power consumption (uses minimal power to be used)
  • Long life span 50,000+ hours
  • Flexible ribbon for curving around bends
  • Adhesive backing tape for secure and easy application to most surfaces
  • Cuttable every 3 LED's along the cutting marks, according to practical requirement.



  • 1x IR Remote Controller 
  • 1x Wall Plug Universal (USA, EU, AU, UK)
  • Batteries not included due to shipping restrictions
  • 1x 5M or 10M or 15M RGB 300 Colour LED Strip Lights